6️⃣Risk Management and Security

Security measures on our platform and protection of user assets

Ensuring the absolute security of assets on SmarTrade is paramount. Unlike conventional platforms, users on SmarTrade don't log in using usernames or passwords. Instead, they connect securely using their digital wallets, similar to other DeFi services, enabling a robust and secure environment free from the risks of conventional login methods.

Our utilization of cold storage for funds, coupled with advanced security protocols, further fortifies asset protection. Beyond safeguarding digital assets, our meticulous risk management strategies and automated systems diligently work to shield the value of investments, embodying a holistic approach to user asset security and value preservation


Document Link: https://github.com/cyberscope-io/audits/blob/main/smartrade/audit.pdf

Project Rating : https://www.cyberscope.io/audits/smartrade

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