1️⃣Crypto Asset “Staking”

How Users Can Safely Lock Their Assets

SmarTrade offers users the ability to securely lock their assets on the platform. This process occurs when the user places their crypto assets into a "staking" pool.

Users create a wallet on the platform and transfer the desired amount of crypto assets to this wallet.

Users are then given the option to lock their assets and receive the income generated during this period.

Assets are locked through secure smart contracts and users' rights over their staked assets are protected.

Participation in the Staking Program

Participation in the staking program begins with the user becoming a member of the platform and then "staking" the crypto asset he has chosen for a certain period of time.

Participants automatically receive the income generated from their assets during the staking period into their wallets at specified periods.

The rules of the staking program, minimum and maximum amounts, rewards and other parameters are determined by the platform and clearly expressed to users.

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